Why Indian Restaurants Are Worth Your Visit for Business Meetings

The most popular Indian eateries are family-owned first generation establishments run by charming chefs and waiters. They serve different cuisines from India and the neighboring areas. These cuisines are prepared using different herbs, spices, fruits, and vegetables to create an irresistible dish. For those who are new to Indian restaurants, here are a few reminders on what to order and the various meals that make these eateries irresistible.


The Main Dishes


Most Indian eateries offer an all-vegetarian dish for people who don’t consume meat. For this reason, the cooks carefully replace meat dishes with a vegetable substitute that suite their consumers taste; a good example is the curry dish. Apart from that, Indian cafeterias also offer dishes that consist of chicken, rice, lamb and spinach.




The majority of Indians love milk and sugar-based deserts as well as fresh fruits. To delight their clients’ taste buds, most restaurants add flavor to their ice creams and puddings with fruits such as mangoes, pomegranates or bananas. There most popular pudding is popularly known as kheer, a dessert comprised of rice with cardamom, raisins, and cinnamon.




The drinks offered by most Indian eateries are often sugary to complement the peppery taste of their food. A common drink includes Lassi, a yogurt-based shake. They also serve Panakam, a drink prepared with lime juice, sugar, ginger and water. For those who prefer alcoholic drinks, they have access to an Indian based Pale Ales to quench their thirst.


According to Hemant from Indian Spice Kaitaia The spices, creamy sauces and rich flavors of Indian dishes are increasingly becoming popular among different people around the world. It’s not unusual to find people who love milk based food, vegetables, sugary drinks and peppery dishes visiting these restaurants frequently. Whether you’re a meat lover or a vegetarian, you are going to enjoy the mouthwatering meals served at these establishments. However, you will want to avoid the spicier dishes if you are just starting. The pepper in these foods might force you to give up on the meal after the first bite thus waste your money. You should, therefore, stick to mild foods and only order a spicy meal if you are sure you can handle the pepper.


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